I Can’t, I’m Busy

Top – Dex (how cute, right? I need a few more warm days to make the most of this top. PS, if you’re short torso’ed like me, this is perfect for you) // Jeans – Levi’s (on saaaaaale) // Boots – Sam Edelman (also on saaaaale) // Purse – Mango (oooold, but this one is similar and v cheap!) // Necklace – Kate Spade (my absolute fave) // Sunglasses – Carfia via Amazon (THESE BABIES THOUGH. So cheap, excellent quality. These ones look similar, if you’re looking for something that’s probably going to last longer)

Happy Friday!

Can you believe it’s already Labour Day weekend? We’re celebrating Stefan’s birthday this weekend (Happy Birthday love!!!) and will do our best to spend time outside before fall officially hits. Because once September kicks in, it’s time for my most used phrase…

“I can’t. I’m busy.”

Am I the only one who overbooks themselves x1000? On top of my 9-5 (which is really so much more), I have so little time to fit so much in. My blog; rehearsals; exercise; cleaning; voice lessons; tap class; wedding planning; dinner with friends; date night with Stef; alone time; the list goes on and on!

That last one is the one I have trouble with…alone time. As much as I love being alone, there is something in my brain that doesn’t allow me to take downtime. When I see free nights in my schedule, it’s like I HAVE to fill them up with something. As if I’m not living my best life if I’m not seeing friends or taking on a new hobby.

Lately I’ve been noticing a need for both sides of me, and I’m not entirely sure how to make that work. Downtime is crucial; I’ll burn out if I don’t take a second to breathe and take care of myself.

But…is there something wrong with being busy?

My friend Sharon and I always roll our eyes at people who complain about being busy; who use it as an excuse. Everyone is busy. Everyone has shit to do. Me? I seem to thrive on a busy schedule. Without something to do, I go crazy.

So the question is – is it a bad thing to want to be busy? To have a variety of things that are important to me? To want to take a lot on my plate and succeed at it all? Maybe it’s the overachiever in me, or maybe I’m a people pleaser and want to make everyone else happy. Or maybe I’m complaining about being busy just as much as everyone else.

That said……occasionally, I do find myself using being busy as an excuse…at least internally. When I’m slacking on something or I don’t make time, I tell myself “well, it’s because I’m busy”. But aren’t I always? Ultimately, don’t you make time for the things that are important to you?

Or maybe I need to say “no” more, and I’m being an asshole and a hypocrite. Not entirely sure. 

All I know is that I love all of the things that I’ve taken on. I love my job. I love performing. I love improving my body and my voice. I love taking on a leadership role in my theatre group. I love my family and friends. I love taking a night to myself and binging on Netflix. I love my fiance and planning our wedding.

So…when I say I’m busy, know that I’m not using it as an excuse. It’s just a fact, and my brain is happily moving a mile a minute to get it all done.

Or it’s an excuse. Who knows.

Side note – wanna know what I miraculously wasn’t too busy for? SHOOTING THIS OUTFIT! Before we went to my friend Sam’s concert in Brampton, I had Stef snap a few pics of this outfit. I’m so glad we made the time. This top is the ideal end of summer piece, and I’ll be living in these jeans for the rest of their life. Oh happy day!


So, what about you? What are your thoughts on being busy?

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