Quick iPhone blog update coming atcha! Stefan and I had an awesome housewarming party this weekend…it was so nice to have most of our best friends in one room! So much love, so much cheese ball (I’m truly obsessed with this recipe…maybe I’ll do a blog post). A friend of mine brought his friend, who happens to be a mutual friend (confused yet?). I met Dee on Instagram a few years ago and we’ve been internet pals ever since. We see each other once in a blue moon, and it was so nice for her to pop up at my… View Post

Happy Friday everybody!! How was your week? I had to deal with some not-so-fun car issues, so I’m pretty glad it’s the weekend. I’m thinking of doing a post on “stuff I’ve learned about cars”, because I am SO FAR from a car lover and I’ve had to learn some things the hard way (hello, fender benders and dead batteries). I’m off to a friend’s cottage for the weekend to unwind, eat lots of snacks, and play some beer pong…summer ain’t over yet! Today we’re talking about another topic that I’m learning more about every day: the pros & cons… View Post

I can really get on board with the idea of a staycation. I surprised Stefan with a weekend downtown to celebrate our 3 year anniversary…the guy is always surprising me (ie. our trip to Niagara) so I wanted to do something special for him! It was so fun to be tourists in our own city. We tried restaurants we’ve never been to, strolled through Queen West, and spent some good ol’ fashioned quality time together. Oh, and a King-sized bed helps, considering I am a diagonal sleeper. Here’s a mini photo diary of what we got up to this weekend,… View Post

Remember when I was a blogger and would occasionally get shit done? HI I’M STILL HERE! This summer has been a whirlwind to say the least. I got a shiny new job, I turned 24, I booked 3 vacations (stay tuned…blog posts?!), every weekend has been action-packed, and my boyfriend moved in with me (yay!) To say I’m overwhelmed would be an understatement. I had dinner with my girl Brittney¬†the other night, and we both appear to be in the same boat: we love blogging and are far from over it. However, we are driven in our jobs & are… View Post

Pants – Topshop / Shirt – Topshop / Shoes – Nine West / Purse – Mango (on sale!!) / Necklace – The Beautiful Nomad / Lipstick – MAC Faux Surprise! 2 posts in one week! This is madness. Madness, I say! In all seriousness, I’m trying to take a more laid-back approach to this whole blogging thing. Especially since my day job is now all about social media and I’m helping with the marketing for my theatre company, I don’t want The Clydescope to become work as well. My blog is my safe space, and my fun hobby that brings… View Post

It’s summer solstice y’all! This heat is sooo real, but I’m not complaining. I am one happy (and sweaty) chick when I get to sit outside all weekend! For my birthday, Stefan took me on a weekend getaway to Stratford. For those not from Ontario, Stratford is basically the cutest place on earth and is every theatre lover’s dream. I used to go all the time in high school for drama or English class, but I haven’t been to the Festival in years. Stefan got us tickets to A Chorus Line, and it was the BEST (thanks again Stef!!). It’s… View Post