Lately I’ve been learning how important it is to speak kindly to yourself. I am in a new production this fall (A Christmas Carol! Come see it!) and we had a vocal rehearsal for the singers. Myself and two other girls make up The Jingle Belles, and we sing Christmas songs and radio jingles throughout the show. We sing in thee part harmony, and it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve had to flex my musician-brain-muscles. I’ve been working so hard on my part for the songs, but there is one line that doesn’t want to come out right. Before we could even dive into rehearsal, I uttered one of my favourite phrases:
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Few sales get me more excited than those at Sephora. I typically feel guilty spending money on beauty products, but when offered a discount, it allllll suddenly becomes justifiable. My Sephora VIB 20% off card came in the mail the other day, and I immediately started brainstorming about the products I needed. This is the perfect time to restock those must-haves that I’ve been too cheap to repurchase, and try out one or two things that I’ve been eyeing for a while.… View Post

I decided to step outside of my comfort zone with these gorgeous Geox boots. They aren’t THAT wacky, but I’m toeing the line of “different for Carly.” I decided to go with a style that I’m comfortable with, but in a colour that I wouldn’t normally choose: enter gorgeous burgundy Geox Lia boots. … View Post

I just love everything that fall has to offer. My senses seem to be amplified; I’ve already talked about my love for fall food, fall smells are heavenly, the leaves are changing, and everything seems a tad more enjoyable. Despite work ramping up and my finances getting tighter as Christmas approaches, I feel more relaxed. Maybe it’s the thought of getting cozy at night under a blanket with a candle burning and lights a-twinklin’.… View Post

ICYMI, I went to Iceland at the beginning of September and it was awesome. My friend Sharon and I decided to take a road trip on the Ring Road, and I spent waaaaay too long on the internet trying to piece together our itinerary. TBH, it’s hard to see all that Iceland has to offer in 7 days, so I like to call our itinerary the “Iceland: Highlights Edition”…we saw a TON of incredible sights, most of which came up in almost every travel guide.… View Post

We all know I’m far from trendy or high fashion. I’m all about my staples and basics! While it’s nice to fawn over beautiful clothes or buy a funky new piece or two for the season, there are a few items I always buy at the end of summer and completely wear to death by spring: a solid knit sweater, black denim, and black ankle boots. With these three pieces in my arsenal, my fall wardrobe is good to go!… View Post