Hola! Welcome back to my blog! (myself included)

I hope you got outside this weekend and enjoyed the FANTASTIC summer weather!!! Seriously, it upped my mood 1000 points not having to wear a jacket. Although I did manage to binge watch the whole season of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. My little heart was torn into a million pieces…Happy Easter?

Stef and I spent the rest of the weekend bopping between our families for Easter lunches, and on Friday we went axe throwing for my friend Brandon’s birthday.

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My dirty mirror and I are back with a beauty post! We all know I’m a beauty addict…I can’t get enough! However, I think I’m done with my phase of buying every latest-and-greatest product, and sticking with what works best for my face. I’m still a sucker for something new and exciting, but I’ve tried my best to limit my Sephora trips and use what I know looks good. I’ve finally (FINALLY) come up with a routine that makes me feel like a rockstar. I know that I can mindlessly put on these products and feel put together, confident, and pretty. That’s what it’s all about, chicks! As long as YOU feel pretty, you’re ready to go out and kill it! *high kick*… View Post

2 months later, comin’ atcha with a new post. This one’s a bit word vomity…grab a beverage of your choice and settle in, folks!

Today we’re talking about priorities.

Aside from friends, family, and maintaining good standing at work, I have a handful of things that I consider to be my priorities. Organization, a clean house, musical theatre, being healthy, and lastly, my blog. These things are SO important to me, but lately I haven’t been prioritizing any of them.
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As I think about what 2017 means for The Clydescope and what content I want to create, I’ve taken a look back at my posts from the past year. I saw that Kelly in the City posted a “year in review” where she shared her blog posts from the year, and it made me want to do the same. I give myself a lot of shit for not keeping up a consistent schedule and for not working hard enough…but you know what?… View Post

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that you all had a fun and safe weekend. I loved how we spent New Years this year…Stefan and I stayed in, made a yummy dinner, baked a pie to kill time and drank wine on our couch. It was awesome, and much preferred to waiting in line at a club in what Jess calls a “sausage dress. “So it’s 2017! Do you feel different yet? Me neither! Despite feeling exactly the same, I do like the idea of a new year beginning. Maybe it’s because I’m not a student and September no longer brings a fresh start, but I’m really into giving myself a reason to make life changes. … View Post

I used to HATE putting on a hat to go outside. My mom would always give my sister and I shit for not bundling up, and we’d be forced to grab one of the nondescript, probably free toques we kept in our mudroom. Since then, I’ve learned to love chic winter headwear and have experimented with plenty of styles. I love me a good headband and earmuffs are adorable, but the past few seasons I have found myself gravitating towards the pom pom hat! … View Post