4 Words to Live By in 2017

Fall/Winter style

Sweater – Banana Republic (My new favourite! On sale but almost gone…I love the striped version!) | Scarf – Aritzia | Jeans – 7 For All Mankind (similar here) | Boots – Geox (c/o – not available online! Similar here or here) | Clutch – Coach (similar here) | Lips – NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita


I hope that you all had a fun and safe weekend. I loved how we spent New Years this year…Stefan and I stayed in, made a yummy dinner, baked a pie to kill time and drank wine on our couch. It was awesome, and much preferred to waiting in line at a club in what Jess calls a “sausage dress.”

So it’s 2017! Do you feel different yet? Me neither! 

Despite feeling exactly the same, I do like the idea of a new year beginning. Maybe it’s because I’m not a student and September no longer brings a fresh start, but I’m really into giving myself a reason to make life changes. 

In my New Years post last year, I talked about how I don’t like setting specific resolutions. That is still totally the case, and so this year I’m taking a cue from Lauren Conrad (who is having a baby! Fans of The Hills have a freak out with me). She set out a list of words and chose one to define her year. For me, I’m picking 4 words that align with my goals for 2017. Goals are totally different than resolutions, guys. Trust me.

One of my goals (that I’ll talk about below)? Blog stuff! I loved how these photos turned out from when Stefan and I visited the Centennial Park Conservatory. I can’t believe I haven’t spent more time there- it’s a little oasis just around the corner from our condo. Between the warmth, the beautiful trees and- my favourite- the room full of cacti and succulents, I was in heaven. 

I texted Jess while I was editing my photos saying “it’s the best feeling when your blog photos turn out the way you want them to!” I am so easily frustrated, and having these photos look as colourful as they do (and me look as not-derpy as I do) sets an awesome tone for the year to come.


A day at the Conservatory

Palm leaves at the Conservatory


Isn’t this everyone’s resolution? In 2016, my health was the worst it’s been in a long time. I have asthma and a boatload of allergies, and this year they were all kinds of terrible. I finally took steps to better manage my health issues and find the root of the problems, and I want to continue that this year. I’ve slowly been making changes in my lifestyle to make myself feel better – drinking more water, cutting out dairy (ish), cutting back on sugar, getting my butt to the gym, etc. In 2017, I need to take this even more seriously. My health is my #1 priority, and I’m looking forward to finding new ways to improve my body. A few months ago I found a studio around the corner from my condo called Purenergy Wellness Lofts – they offer AMAZING classes (I’m still sore from power yoga on Saturday) and the girls there are so sweet and inspiring. If you’re in Etobicoke, check it out! Either way, I encourage you to find a place that motivates you to get active and live a healthier lifestyle…seeing all of these fit chicks living a healthy life makes me want to be better!

Denim details

Fall/Winter style at the Conservatory


I’ve talked for daaaaays about how I can be very lazy and procrastinate (YouTube is my kryptonite). The biggest thing holding me back from achieving my goals is my lack of drive! This year, I am determined to fix my mindset and put my dreams back on track. Setting attainable goals is likely the key: my plan is to post at least once a week on my blog. One post a week is reasonable, Carly. C’mon. This applies to my work life too. I love my job, but I can absolutely be doing more…especially since I work in social media! I want to push myself to think outside the box and be creative with my work. Jess & Blair always talk about how you have to prioritize and sacrifice if you want to succeed- you have to want it. And I do want it, so let’s do it!



2016 was pretty shitty eh? I found myself being consumed by a lot of anxiety and self-doubt. I’ve questioned relationships in my life and what it is that makes me happy. This year, I’m choosing those things. I’m choosing joy. (#choosejoy?) I don’t have time for things or people who don’t put a smile on my face or that cause me unnecessary stress. I want to do things that make me bubble over with happiness and spend time with people that make me a better person. I have SO MANY of those people in my life- seriously, aside from my family and Stefan, I have some kickass girlfriends that are so strong and smart and beautiful and I am the luckiest friend in the world. It’s those people that will make 2017 count. 


This one is hard for me, especially as a lover of social media (see photos above). With planning a wedding, rehearsing another show, having a one-year-old nephew…I know that time is going to slip right past me. My number one goal this year is to be present. To enjoy every little moment that comes my way and to savour time spent with my loved ones. Last night, Stef and I put our phones down and talked about our goals for the year. Being able to have a real conversation without anything distracting us, even if just for 10 minutes, felt so important and so satisfying. When I have free time outside of my musical this year, I am so excited to make the most of that time and be present for my friends and family. 

What are your goals for 2017?

PS – Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016! and Cozy Cardigan.

  • Love this!! The words is a great way to keep on track. I had a few sayings I chose to live by for my 24th year and actually wrote them out and stuck them to my mirror and wall. Visual reminders are always helpful. So lucky to call you a friend xo! Britt

  • Hahaa!!! Seriously, we were on the same wavelength! Even our words are similar!! Happy New Year girl 🙂

  • The Lauren Conrad goals post totally resonated with me! I just picked one for now: patience. Reading the list, that’s the one that completely popped out at me.

    • LC just knows what’s up! 🙂 Patience is such a good one, totally need to work on that this year…