Life Update: Summer Edition

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Guys! FALL IS PRACTICALLY HERE. I’m wearing jeans today and am freezing my butt off. Where did summer go?!

Now that my long awaited weekend trip to Chicago is over, it really feels like summer has come to a close…it’s a bummer, but looking back, I’ve had a blast! One of my favourite parts of blogging and social media is the act of recording memories. I can scroll back to my posts from the past few months and reminisce on the experiences I’ve had (and remind myself that I did in fact have a fun summer, despite the seemingly constant rain & clouds).

I’ll be making the most of these last days of summer over the next week or so: Stef and I are playing in a golf tournament (I haven’t played yet this year, Lord help me…); we’re going to our first John Mayer concert (YAY) at the Budweiser Stage; and I’m hosting a baby shower for my good friend Sharon, which will be a lovely last backyard shebang before September kicks in.

Enjoy the rest of August and embrace fall as it comes! (Cozy sweaters. YES.)

On this season of “bloggers made me do it”…

I’m waaaay too easily influenced by blogger recommendations! These sandals were screaming my name and I knew I had to have them. They are super comfortable and look adorable with jeans or a dress…worth the purchase!

My baby sister is getting married! We went wedding dress shopping at Sash & Bustle and LoversLand, and she found the dress! I’m super excited to try on dresses for myself, but it was such a special experience getting to go with my sister for her big day.

Also – I want every dress. Every single one.

This summer has been full of quality time with some of my best girlfriends – my favourite way to spend an evening! Lexie & Rachel have been two of my best girlfriends since our days at camp, and Brittney and I have known each other for 16 years (!!!) Getting to have dinner, drinks, and laughs with these amazing women is something that I will never stop looking forward to.

BLESS my friends with cottages. Stef and I were lucky enough to be invited to not one, but two beautiful cottages up north. Sunshine, food, drinks and friends are all I need for the perfect summer weekend!

PS – how great is that charcuterie board? Our friend Laura is an artist.

On my quest to be healthier, I’ve found myself spending a lot of time at Purenergy Wellness Lofts. If you’re in Etobicoke, you HAVE to stop by for one of their kickass classes! They are updating their website and asked clients to come by and pose for some fitness photos. I had a blast and despite being a sweaty mess from an early morning class (TRX is no joke, guys) I can’t wait to see the finished product!

My best friend Sara bought me a custom lipstick from the Bite Beauty Lip Lab for my birthday, and we made the trip together last month. If you’re in Toronto, I highly recommend checking it out! The process only takes 15-20 minutes, and it’s so much fun crafting the perfect shade. I love the lipstick I made (#140 above) and have been wearing it nonstop. Bite lipsticks smell amazing – mine is lime scented – and the fact that they are clean and cruelty free is an added bonus.

As I mentioned, we went to Chicago this weekend! Stefan and I planned this trip with our friends Sara and Sean months ago – it was so worth the wait. We ate tons of delicious food, went on touristy adventures, visited the theatre where Hamilton is playing (cried silent tears outside the closed doors), went to the Blue Jays game at Wrigley Field, and walked off all of the aforementioned delicious food. If you need recommendations, I gotchu!


Speaking of Chicago…………I finally got to meet my internet buddy Jess! Jess and I have been Instagram friends for 3 years, and I seriously can’t believe we hadn’t hung out before. We met in person for the first time this weekend and it was like seeing a friend I’ve known for years (which I guess is true!) She and her fiance Neal took us to some awesome places in their neighbourhood – Mott Street is to die for – and I’m so happy we finally got to spend some time together and solidify what was already a killer friendship!

And that brings us to now! Time for a new season with new memories to be made.

I hope you had the best summer yet!

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