Instagram Round Up

Y’all where is the time going?! I can’t believe we are already at the end of April.

Despite time flying by wayyy too fast, I’m pretty excited for the months to come – between a trip to Amsterdam in May, cottage weekend in July, Chicago in August, and all the things in between, I can’t wait for summer to start! 

The past few weeks have been a whole lot of fun. I’ve spent some QT with some of my best friends, ate some really good food added some fun new looks to my closet, and I also made a major hair change…I am FEEEELIN MA SELF and don’t care who knows it!

I’ve been documenting all of these fun things on Instagram and thought I’d share them all here so that we can catch up. I’m still easing myself back into blogging – my work ethic is a hard zero right now – and I’ve been having so much fun on the ‘gram these days. Check out what I’ve been up to and follow along!

I love trying new restaurants with my best friend Sara, and this one didn’t disappoint! For Sara’s 25th birthday (hi, old) I took her on a date to Colette Grand Café for brunch. First of all, dying to have a bridal shower at this restaurant…it is SO beautiful! Second of all, the food was delicious and probably unnecessarily decadent (said no one ever). Sara had the rhubarb & strawberry tartine with a side of bacon, and I had these bad boys: buttermilk pancakes with blueberry compote and chantilly cream. TO. DIE. FOR.

My first order from ASOS! I’m giving it like a 7/10. I didn’t have to pay duties on this order which was a huge plus, and the striped sweater and white top are total winners (I’ve worn this sweater at least 5 times since it arrived!). The pink sweater is cute, but I’m not tooootally sold on it. The blue button-down is a medium disappointment…it is SO CUTE and exactly what I wanted, but the quality is shiiiiittaaaayyyyyy. I put it on and when I reached down to get my shoes, I totally hulked out and busted the seams in the back! It isn’t noticeable so I can still get away with wearing it, but really disappointing to rip a brand new shirt as soon as you put it on. Sigh. 

For whatever reason, I love picking outfits for Easter! Maybe because spring finally shows its face or because of the fun pastels associated with the holiday, but I always like feeling well-dressed on Easter weekend. This year I went with my trusty purple rain boots (what else is new) and the aforementioned white top from ASOS. I felt super pretty and since it was a beautiful sunny day, this look was springy as fuuuuuu. Also please note the paw prints all over the deck from my furry friend Quinn – girl was tailing me all day and I wanted to take her home with me. My mom would end me, but that’s beside the point.

PUPPO MADE AN APPEARANCE! My dad grew up with a black lab named Peat, and he came across this photo of ze pup in a canoe. How much does she look like our Quinn!? Girl loves a photo op, always smiling (and always makes me smile!)

One of the coolest parts of my job is the occasional media preview! This week I was invited to the FW17 Parajumpers preview breakfast and I had the best time with two of my fave work gals! The event was at Böehmer on Ossington, and after a presentation of this year’s line-up of coats, we were served the most delish breakfast. I had avocado toast, but y’all I MADE AN ERROR. Steak and eggs looked like a dream and I instantly regretted trying to be a normal girl. Lesson learned: ALWAYS choose the steak.

I CUT MY HAIR GUYS. I had been having short hair feels for a few weeks, and after consulting my girlfriends (and getting mixed reviews, thanks guys…) I decided to bite the bullet and chop ‘er off. It was a touuuuch shorter than I was expecting, but I totally fell in love with it and feel the chicest. Thanks so much to Zuzu at Soho Salon for giving me a dream bob/lob/unsure what length this is! 

Having a long distance bestie is the worrrrrrrrrrrrrst. Kathleen and I haven’t lived in the same city since high school and while she’s only 2 hours away, it feels like eternity (girl is BUSY). We finally got to have one of our classic bestie dates – shopping and coffee, duh – and it was one of those days that makes your little heart explode with happiness! There’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned girl date, and it felt so good to have my best girl back. We stopped in at bluboho in Downtown Oakville and our twintuition kicked in when we saw these bracelets. “These are so cute!” “We should probably get them as friendship bracelets.” “Obviously. Get the red.”

For whatever reason, my hot chocolate craving was soooo real this weekend. I don’t normally have a huge sweet tooth, but it was a-ragin’! Why stop at normal hot chocolate? I went big and turned it into super magical unicorn chocolate, and it was totally worth it.

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! For the first time in what feels like forever, Stef and I had a day with absolutely nothing to do. It felt AMAZING, and the fact that the sun was out made it that much better. Despite our bizarre half-colds (juuuust enough to make me lose my voice – what else is new) we suited up and took a stroll down Bloor to grab a Starbucks. On our way back we found a white brick wall (FINALLY) and I know it will be making a few appearances on my Instagram in the future.

PS – I needed new white sneaks and finally caved – Miss Stans it was, and I’m SO glad I got them! They are the comfiest sneakers I’ve had in a while, and they’re super cute.

PPS – please note the reappearance of this sweater for the 100000th time this week.

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