Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

Happy (almost) New Year!

2015 flew by faster than ever…I can’t even believe it!

It seems like just yesterday that I was buried in a mound of snow, complaining about not having a permanent job at my company and wondering what 2015 would hold…my, my how times have changed (mostly the snow…it just turned into winter, like, yesterday).

When planning a post to reflect on the past year and the year to come, I wasn’t sure how to photograph a celebration. I knew there had to be sparkling wine and shiny stuff involved…then my friend Sydney got me the ultimate showstopper.

(We’re interrupting this blog post to talk about the amazing props in this photoshoot)

SUGARFINA. GUYS. I think I am the last person to try these champagne gummy bears, and ohhhhh boy was I missing out. They taste amazing on their own, but when added to sparkling wine, they absorb the bubbles and turn into slimy little globs of heaven. That doesn’t sound appealing at all. But believe me, they are a welcome addition to my ever-growing bar cart.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

To celebrate the new year, Stefan and I popped some sparkling wine and put one of my favourite Christmas gifts to good use (these gorgeous glasses…thanks Marta!)

Time to chit chat about life.

2015 was a year of #SelfDiscovery. I went from struggling to maintain a work-life balance, to having way too much work AND life to juggle (in the best way possible). I got a promotion, I got some killer work opportunities (hello, demo days in Collingwood) and I made some really incredible friends while learning a ton about the retail industry. Needless to say, I’m super stoked for this year.

I really went for it with the whole “personal life” thing. I performed in an incredible show with some truly amazing people, and I made the best memories with friends who mean the world to me. I started working out (lol) and remembered that I actually like being sweaty and athletic. I managed to keep my perfect boyfriend around for another year, and still found time to sit alone on my couch in my pyjamas watching The Hills.

Annnnnnnnd then there’s The Clydescope.

This blog went from a random hobby I picked up in university to one of my favourite aspects of my life.

Blogging has made me broke, crazy and frustrated, but it has also been incredibly rewarding. I’ve developed some pretty stellar friendships (hi Jess and Britt), I’ve improved on my photography and my writing, and I’ve found a passion I never really thought I’d be able to participate in.

For every momentary lapse of thinking “this is lame, why am I writing a blog”, there are countless moments of pride and excitement that make this once silly little hobby worth it.

This little celebration photoshoot that Stef and I had kind of set the tone for the new year for me. I love the way these photos turned out, and they’ve totally kicked my creativity into high gear for the weeks to come. I have so many ideas that I am beyond excited to share with you all!

Let’s talk resolutions.

Resolutions are pretty shitty, am I right? Like, I feel like you always vow to go to the gym or give up fast food or drink more water, and then as soon as you skip a day, it’s like “ah fuck it, give me all the coffee and McDonald’s in my bed.”

Yeah yeah, I want to be healthier. I want to drink less alcohol and floss my teeth. I want to save money and be a bo$$. I want to stop gossiping and spend less time on the internet and clean my apartment once a week.

But let’s try something a bit different this year.

Rather than think of things I want to do right now, I want to have a list of goals. They’re kind of vague but also kind of crystal clear. I don’t want to feel bad about myself when I fall off the wagon or make mistakes…there are going to be days that I’d rather eat a whole pot of KD and take a bath than go to the gym (no, I didn’t do this last night……….)

Instead, I want to enjoy those carb-filled moments and then move on with the next step to bettering myself and achieving my goals.

Here we gooooo….

In 2016, I want to:

1. Let my creativity shine.
2. Live with less.
3. Never stop learning.
4. Figure out my personal style.
5. Be nothing but genuine.

And, above all else..

6. Be happy.

I want to keep learning about things that I’m passionate about. I want to save more than I spend and appreciate what I have. I want to create things that excite me. I want to build deeper relationships with those that mean the most. I want to dress for success every damn day and be proud of the way I look.

I want to be happy with who I am inside and out.

Cheers to you, 2015. 

It’s been a blast, and I am so incredibly excited to keep moving forward.

As a blogger, I know I’ll never be amongst the seemingly perfect women out there…I’m not Julia Engel or Amber Fillerup or Rach Parcell. (lol just looking at their blogs to link back to them made me want to play the comparison game). I’m kind of a mess, I can be lazy, and I’m not perfectly put together 24/7 (not even 12/5). But if I can be happy and be proud of what I create, I’m excited to put myself out there for anyone who wants to stop by (including you!).

I have a reeeeeeally good feeling about 2016, guys…it’s going to be something special.

Enjoy the last days of the year and let me know what excites you about 2016. Remember…

– Smile.
– Don’t take things so seriously (this means a lot, coming from the Queen of the Worriers).
– Enjoy the little things.
– If you have a passion, pursue it. Who cares if it’s a dream job, or a quirky hobby, or a blog that you don’t even know if anyone will read…you just might surprise yourself.

You’ve got this. Happy New Year.