Glossier Product Review

A few weeks ago, the most blessed day occurred.


I had been waiting for this moment for FAR too long. I was taunted by bloggers, YouTubers, and American friends alike. I was resigned to the fact that this magical brand would never be available to me, a simple Canadian makeup and skincare lover.

All jokes aside, I was SO stoked to see that Glossier made its way to the great white north! There were products that I had always wanted to try – face masks and Boy Brow in particular – and newer additions that I couldn’t help but add to my cart.

I initially ordered the Mask Duo, Boy Brow, and Balm Dot Com….


A week after I ordered, Glossier launched Wowder. I was almost out of face powder. IT WAS KISMET. My sister and I put in a joint order and hopped on the Wowder train, and I threw in a Cloud Paint for good measure.

Ever since I took to insta stories with my love for Glossier, I’ve had friends upon friends asking how I liked my products. Here I am with a much anticipated review of what I ordered.

Overall? LOVE IT. I love Glossier, I love what the brand stands for, and I love the quality of the products.

I also love that I now have Glossier stickers on everything I own.

Face Mask Duo
Glossier’s face masks were the real hook in getting me interested in the brand. What can I say, I love a face mask! I’ve tried both, and one greatly outshines the other. The Moisturizing Moon Mask is LOVELY. It confused the hell out of me the first time I tried it, as it goes on like a lotion and sits wet on the skin as opposed to drying out like other face masks. It soaks in after 20 minutes, and after a quick rinse your skin is left soft and pampered. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack? Not totally sure. I tried it once, enjoyed it, but my skin freaked out on me a few days later. My skin has been good lately, so it could be a coincidence…OR NOT! I’ll give it another shot, but jury’s still out on this one.

Boy Brow
I LOVE me a tinted brow gel. I was curious if it would be similar to Benefit’s Gimme Brow, which I’ve always liked. Y’all, it’s BETTER. I find that with Gimme Brow, you need to use a lot of product to build up colour and the staying power is mediocre. Boy Brow offers a ton of pigment (first time users beware – be sure to wipe off some product before applying) and sticks around for EVER. When Nik and I were playing in a waterfall and sweating in the heat, my brows stayed put!

Cloud Paint
I LOVE CLOUD PAINT. I could scream it from the rooftops, it’s that good. If you’re a blush lover, this cream blush is totally for you. I went with the shade Beam – an orangey pink colour – and it is magical. The tiniest bit of product goes the longest way, and the colour payoff stays all day long. 11/10 would recommend.

Balm Dot Com
My exact text to Nikki after receiving my package: “Balm Dot Com is BOMB DOT COM.” Okay, so it’s just lip balm. Nothing overly spectacular or life changing. But the scents are lovely, the consistency is good, and they moisturize your lips! I also like using it on my cuticles, and have noticed that it helps my parched nailbeds. I wanted to try a few flavours, so I ordered the trio and went with original, mint, and birthday…Nik swears by rose!

I’m not 100% sold on this yet. My skin has been good lately, so I haven’t needed heavy coverage. Wowder does the trick! I’m not sure how it will fare as a setting powder over foundation, so I will report back. It does control the oil on my forehead and nose, but I’m not totally sold on the staying power. Either way, it’s a good price and I needed a new setting powder. B+ for now.

What are your favourite Glossier products?

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  • Beautiful post and pictures 🙂 I am new to the Glossier band wagon and I have only recently tried some of their products and I am OBSESSED! I cannot wait to try more of them soon. I have also written a blog post on my thoughts about the products which I have tried x