Date Night x OpenTable

Even though Stefan is an awesome cook (me, not so much…) we love going out for dinner. Maybe it’s because we get to see each other in something other than sweatpants, or maybe it’s because after a long day at work it’s awesome to have someone else feed us. Either way, trying out new restaurants is something we do together often. Being super busy and SUPER popular (jk) can make it tough for us to have spontaneous dinners, so we typically have to plan our date nights in advance.

Enter OpenTable. Here’s a basic rundown of what this magical creation is all about:

“OpenTable is a website and mobile app that allows diners to find and reserve tables online. Diners can find reservations by restaurant, location, cuisine, or availability. You can reserve your table months in advance, or minutes before depending on availability. So it works well for both special occasions and last-minute dinners. Every time you show up to a reservation booked on OpenTable which is confirmed by the restaurant hostess, you gain OpenTable Points which can be used towards a dining check.”

Me likey. At first I was a little overwhelmed by all of the options…if you know me, you know decisions are NOT my strong suit. Knowing I wanted reservations for 2 in Mississauga around 7pm, I punched in the details, and squeezed my eyes shut…waiting for the 100000 options…

Oh. Wait.

You can filter results.

There are tons of ways to choose a restaurant, and it makes life SO easy. I sorted the options by price ($$, under $30 please) and by Highest Rated. I came up with Solstice Restaurant & Wine Bar…even though 7pm was unavailable, OpenTable gives you other time slots that are close to your chosen time. SO. EASY.

An indecisive gal’s dream come true, OpenTable is a lifesaver. You receive a confirmation email when you make the rezzy, and again the day before your meal…super helpful, since I’ve been the biggest of scatterbrains lately. As an added plus, you earn points for every reservation made, which can later be redeemed for restaurant dining checks. For someone who eats out on the reg, IT’S A WIN-WIN! 

PS – the ratings seem pretty accurate! I chose a restaurant that we had never been to, and it was rated 4.5 stars. The food was good, the wine was good, and the ambiance was chill. The service left a little something to be desired, but to be fair they seemed short-staffed. Give me a bowl of seafood pasta and a generous glass of wine and I’m a happy camper. I’ll definitely be contributing a review to the OpenTable website…the more reviews, the better the experience!

Keep your eyes peeled for the first (and hopefully not last) Clydescope outfit blog post!