Thoughts on Proposing to Your #BrideSquad


I asked, and she said yes! …x5!

Aside from marrying Stefan (obv) the thing I was most excited for about getting engaged was asking my bridesmaids! Friends are SO important to me, and I couldn’t wait to ask my chicks if they would stand beside me on my wedding day.

I personally have amazing girlfriends from camp, from community theater, and from a bunch of different friend groups at school. Choosing only five girls felt like a parent picking their favourite children. #drama.

Being a bridesmaid is a pretty big deal – whether you are a bridezilla or a bridechilla, there is some sort of time & financial commitment associated with being in a bridal party. Choosing the right girls that will have your back is almost as important as choosing the right husband (allllmost…)

Now that I’ve chosen my gals (and they’ve made a deal with the devil), I wanted to share some thoughts on choosing your bridal party.

Take Your Time!

While I wanted to hop right into having my bridal party, there is NOOOOO rush in choosing your squad. If you know exactly who you want, ask away! But don’t feel like you need to decide the moment you get engaged. There is all the time in the world! (Unless you have a short engagement…in which case, I wish you luck).

Think about who has been a close friend, and who will continue to be important to you come the time of your wedding. You don’t want to look back on your wedding photos – or even worse, get to your wedding day – and think “…why HER…”

What Kind of Friend Are They?

You may not want help planning your wedding, and you may just want your girls to show up the day of. That’s cool, go you for being wonderwoman! Personally, I want my friends to be involved in the process – even just for moral support. That’s why it’s important to me to have a good mix of personalities.

Choose a balanced group of gals. The girl that may not be the most Type A and organized may throw a killer party. Or be really good at crafting. Or she may just know when you’re stressed and how to help you.

Pick the girls that know you best and will make the experience fun, easy and memorable!

Do You, Girl.

Whether you want 10 bridesmaids or none, there is no wrong answer here. Don’t let anyone else’s wedding or opinion influence your bridal party.

Is symmetry important to you? Cool, pick an even number.
You have 7 girls but your husband only has 4 guys? Whatever, double up on the walk down the aisle.
Don’t want a bridal party? GET IT GIRL. All of the focus is on you.

Ultimately, remember it’s about you and your husband to be…hopefully everyone in attendance – no matter what their roles – will just be happy to be there celebrating your marriage. The girlfriends not included in your bridal party are no less important to you, and if they throw a fit over not being asked…are they really your true friends?

The Ask

When I was putting together my ask-gifts for my girls, I wanted them to fall somewhere on the spectrum between quick phone call and full out proposal. I wanted to make them feel important! After scouring Pinterest, I finally settled on a cute box (with a Rifle Paper Co. card covering up an ugly decal…) with a heartfelt card, a mini bottle of rosé, and a bracelet that I picked up for each girl in Amsterdam. Nothing over the top or expensive, but still personal; they’ll be dealing with my crazy ass for a year, so they should at least feel special! I was so excited and relieved when everyone said yes and was excited right back…exhibit A: shout out to Lexie for crying and giving me the reaction I hoped for (and expected from her, tbh)

Happy Asking!

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