5 Places to Visit Near Toronto

Top – Nike (SO SOFT and on sale!) // Shorts – Lululemon (appx. 1000 years old, more fun pairs here and here!) // Running Shoes – New Balance (a few seasons old, there are new runners on the market now, but I never run sooooo) // Necklace – Kate Spade (for whatever reason, you can only get the gold at Nordstrom…) // Watch – Apple (my FAVE as a fitness tracker!) 

Happy Wednesday!

After the Monday-est Tuesday there ever was, I’m feeling more like a human today…I have such a love-hate relationship with long weekends! I spent my extra day cleaning our condo from top to bottom. I’m exhausted, but our place looks incredible! Self high five.

It’s freaking me out that it’s already Back to School season…where has summer gone?? Even though my work life is entering fall, my personal life is still very much in summer. August is far from over, let’s make the most of it!

As I mentioned in last week’s post, there are some super cool hidden gems in and around Toronto…all it takes to find them is a little exploring. I’m rounding up 5 places you should visit near Toronto in August. There’s still 4 weekends left before real life kicks back in – let me know if you love these places as much as I do!

Hilton Falls (or any falls, for that matter)
Guys, there are SO. MANY. waterfalls west of the city! I hear that Tew’s Falls or Webster’s Falls near Hamilton are stunning, but Nikki and I took a quick jaunt to Milton to visit Hilton Falls. That’s where we took these fun photos! It’s a short hike from the parking lot to the falls – maybe 30 minutes? Once you’re there, it’s easy to climb down and cool off. It feels so good to get out of the city and be active. Nikki and I couldn’t get over how much happier we felt after being outside!

Beware of wildlife…we saw one suspicious snake that looked a bit too much like a rattler for my liking…

We all know Stratford is one of my favourite places in Ontario. It holds a special place in my heart after countless workshops in high school! Last summer, Stef and I spent a weekend there for my birthday. Whether theatre is your thing or not (it should be.), there’s lots of other things to do in the quaint town. Take a walk by the river, rent a pedal boat, grab some ice cream, go antiquing, or visit some of the delicious restaurants.

Or go to the theatre. Just saying.

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm
We talked about Terre Bleu last week, and I’m still not over how stunning it was. Check out this post for more info – I highly recommend it! I suggest making a day of it like Nik and I did. Visit Terre Bleu in the morning and then go for a post-lunch hike at Hilton Falls!

Niagara on the Lake
Who doesn’t love a good wine tasting? I last went wine tasting in late fall, but would love to go in the summer. Yet another great way to spend a day outside, but with booze…win-win, am I right?

You don’t necessarily need to leave the city to have an adventure! I love the idea of spending a weekend exploring new places right within your hometown. Try a new restaurant, visit a new shopping area, or sit your butt on a patio with a cold drink and enjoy doing nothing. My favourite activity!

What’s on your to-do list for August?

PS – My Go-To Makeup Routine and Comfy Chic Joggers.