My Go-To Look: Amsterdam Edition!

Dress (old but similar here or here!) // Backpack // Sneakers // Sunglasses 

Ugh. Talk about post-vacation blues.

I just got back from a family trip to Amsterdam and totally fell in love with the city! If you haven’t been there, I SO recommend adding it to your list…it’s one of the few cities I’ve been to that I would move to in a heartbeat. The lifestyle is so different than the fast pace of North American life and I can totally get on board. Editing all of my photos is giving me some serious feels – I can’t wait to share more snaps from our trip (hopefully next week)!

When packing for my trip, I had no idea what to bring. I’ve been to Europe in the springtime a bunch of times, so it wasn’t necessarily an issue of not knowing what the weather would be like. I was more so lost on how I wanted to look/dress. I’ve talked this point into the ground, but I’m constantly struggling between trying to dress for trends vs. dressing like myself.

Once I made a pile of the clothes I wear often and love and would ideally bring with me, it dawned on me: I totally have a uniform.

I feel most confident, comfortable, and well-dressed when I’m wearing stripes and a cute pair of sneakers. REVOLUTIONARY, I KNOW. The majority of my favourite pieces in my closet are striped, and as my future sister-in-law Marta pointed out, every piece I picked out while shopping in Amsterdam was striped. I guess I have a type! Yet another instance of me realizing that I can stop trying to be something I’m not: as long as I have a striped top and a great pair of sneakers, I can take on the world!

This dress served as my “fancy stripes” for the trip. It was super hot on this day (thank God, I needed some Vitamin D) so a dress was a must. Throw in my absolute favourite travel bag (which served me well in Iceland) and my trusty new Miss Stans, I had a blast exploring the city with my fam!

PS HOW CUTE IS THIS ALLEYWAY?! We found it near one of our go-to patios in the ‘dam, and as soon as Marta and I saw it, we exchanged a knowing glance that we had to go take photos. I have trained my family and friends so well.


What is your go-to, foolproof outfit?

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