Welcome to The Clydescope, a Toronto life & style blog by Carly Clydesdale!

I started his blog as an outlet to talk about my favourite things: all things sartorial, glittery, fluffy and musical. It’s my way of sharing my colourful and sometimes kooky view of the world…like a kaleidoscope, but Clydesdale style!

I’m a social media specialist by day…and apparently a social media specialist by night? My life revolves around the internet, but there’s no place I’d rather be.

My life isn’t perfect, and neither is my blog. I spend most nights rehearsing for whatever musical production I’m currently in, and compensate with too much caffeine during the day. I have 1001 ideas in my head at any given moment, but I love Netflix too much to always get them down on paper. I love pretty things, sparkles and puppies; these are frequent topics on this blog. Essentially, I try not to take things too seriously and just post from the heart.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll stay a while! Get in touch here, or feel free to stalk me on social media…chances are I’ll return the favour.