4 Things I’ve Been Doing For My Health


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After two weekends in a row of straight up excess at my friends’ cottages, I’m happy to be back to my usual routine.

By no means am I a health nut…I’m actually pretty bad at maintaining a clean lifestyle (microwave popcorn will forever be my weakness). Buuuut I do have some minor yet annoying health issues – asthma and allergies at the forefront. Lately I’ve been making small efforts to improve my routine and see how it affects my overall health, and these are the 4 things that have stuck.

I’ll be kicking it up a notch this fall to stay in tip top shape for a play I’ve been cast in…I’ll check back in a few months with how I’m feeling!

Get Moving
I am suuuuuch a fairweather exerciser. I’ll be on a great streak of going to the gym, but if I fall off the wagon for more than a few days, it’s all over indefinitely. I’m just getting back into my routine at my favourite studio, Purenergy – typically Wednesday & Saturday morning TRX with a Bosu or Yoga class tossed in the mix. I’ve also picked up tap class, which is THE most fun way to break a sweat. I didn’t think it would be as physically challenging as it is, but I always find myself exhausted after a one hour class.

Finding a routine that challenges you yet isn’t too demanding is so helpful!

The Most Important Meal of the Day
I recently listened to an episode of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast featuring Kelly LeVeque. Her #FabFour smoothie totally changed the way I make my breakfast! Apparently it isn’t helpful to have more than 1/4 cup of fruit in your smoothie…so much for the fruit filled concoctions I’ve been making…

Using Kelly’s method, I use a plant based protein powder, coconut oil, almond butter, chia seeds, flax, water, and half a banana. It is SO tasty and keeps me full way longer than my toast with peanut butter or yogurt and granola would.

Find a Productive Hobby
Unfortunately for me, watching Netflix doesn’t count as a hobby that benefits my well being (though one could argue that Gilmore Girls counts as therapy). For the first time in years, I’ve picked up playing the saxophone. Not only is playing music a mentally stimulating hobby (lol stimulating), but it’s actually really good for my lungs. I played for 5 minutes and was totally out of breath – I could play through a full musical with no issues in high school! This rediscovered hobby of mine should make a world of difference for my breathing, and is probably (definitely) better for me than scrolling through Instagram for an hour.

Cleaning Up My Act
Overall, I’m doing my best to read labels and keep an eye on what I’m putting in (and on) my body. I definitely haven’t perfected by this and haven’t made the switch to all natural beauty products and organic food. But I’m doing my best! I’ve become much more conscious of labels at the grocery store and purchasing as little processed food as I can.

As beauty products go, SIMPLE is my new mantra. I’m over trying new serums, toners, lotions, etc…since switching to unscented Dove bar soap, a basic toner, and a simple moisturizer once a day, my skin has cleared up more than it has in years. 

What changes have you made to your lifestyle lately?

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