My Fall Staples

SWEATER - Joe Fresh (only $34!) / JEANS - Banana Republic / BOOTS - Call It Spring / PURSE - Balenciaga / SUNGLASSES - vintage Ray-Ban (I think these are the same!) / LIPSTICK - Kat Von D Lolita

SWEATER - Joe Fresh (only $34!) / JEANS - Banana Republic / BOOTS - Call It Spring / PURSE - Balenciaga / SUNGLASSES - vintage Ray-Ban (I think these are the same!) / LIPSTICK - Kat Von D Lolita

Fall is here! Basic girls of the world, rejoice! (Myself very much included) 

This is my favourite time of year for many reasons, but fall clothing is definitely numero uno on my list. Few things make me happier than a cozy sweater, fresh new ankle boots, and not sweating every time I walk outside! I love shopping all year round, but something about autumn makes me extra excited.

We all know I'm far from trendy or high fashion. I'm all about my staples and basics! While it's nice to fawn over beautiful clothes or buy a funky new piece or two for the season, there are a few items I always buy at the end of summer and completely wear to death by spring: a solid knit sweater, black denim, and black ankle boots. With these three pieces in my arsenal, my fall wardrobe is good to go!

(Case in point: last year's sweater, boots and pants that I totally wore into the ground.)

I saw these boots on Instagram and knew I had to have them! I've been on the hunt for a black ankle boot with no heel and just the right amount of decoration for months. The fun side detailing on this pair makes them interesting without being too much. I've never really tried shoes from Call It Spring for fear of them being poor quality, but these boots are changing my mind!

This sweater from Joe Fresh is a dream. So soft, and so affordable! The colour is rich and the knit is tight enough that you can't see skin through it. I believe I also saw it in grey at my local store, so I just may need to make a trip back there... 

I'm looking for fun new ways to style knits this fall, aside from my usual jeans, leather pants, or mini skirt. Maybe some layering is in my future? Hitting Pinterest as we speak.

I wear black jeans to work prettttttty much every day. I have to replace mine every few months...they get so worn in that they can't even pass for black anymore! I picked up this pair of ankle length black jeans from Banana Republic during a 40% off sale, and I'm so happy I did. They are so soft and stretchy, and the colour couldn't be darker. I'm slowly learning that it's ok for my pants to be too short (long leg problems!) and I'm digging this whole "short pants with boots" thing. 

What are your fall staples?

Where to Look for Inspiration

Lately I've been in a creative rut. I haven't felt particularly myself and haven't had any new ideas. Not a big deal- everyone goes through creative blocks- but I sort of just realized that I've been looking for inspiration in all the wrong places. When I'm feeling uninspired and lost, I usually find myself looking to others. I read blogs and scroll through social media searching for ideas, when really the ultimate inspiration is right in front of me: my own blog.

It sounds soooo self-important; let me explain.

Yesterday I was scrolling through my old blog posts looking for a particular photo. When I got to my posts from this time last year, I was kind of taken aback. I was having the BEST time blogging! I was dedicated yet laid back, and having so much fun creating. Seeing these posts made a little light go off in my brain, and I proceeded to read through all of my posts from last fall/winter. It brought back some awesome memories, and also reminded me that I am capable of doing some pretty cool stuff! And even if it's not that great, I was enjoying myself while creating it.

There's something to be said for looking to yourself for inspiration. Look back to a time when you felt most yourself and most productive; you ARE that person and can be that person again!

I'm feeling like my old self today. My eyeliner is even, I'm wearing plaid, my nails are freshly painted. It makes me feel refreshed and excited for what this fall has to offer! I've included photos from some of those old posts that made me smile in hopes that I can look back on this post and remember to relax and just do it!

I know that I am wayyyy too hard on myself, and that's something I'm going to start working on. My blog is meant to be a place to share things that I love. I love finding new beauty products and taking pictures of cute things I see. I love writing (I've always loved writing). I love making my boyfriend take photos of my outfits.

That's The Clydescope.

See you next week for some serious Iceland chats, and hopefully a fall outfit post! (Assuming the weather & my hair cooperate this weekend...)

What are you most excited for this fall?

What to Pack: 7 Days in Iceland

If you couldn't tell from my 1000 Instagram posts, I just recently got back from Iceland!

It seems like everyone and their mother have been going to Iceland lately, but it has always been on my shortlist of must-sees. When my friend Sharon texted me a few months ago asking if I would go with her, I pulled a very un-Carly-like move and said YES! Keep an eye out next week for an in-depth review of our trip, including our itinerary and where to eat/stay.

When I was googling tips on travelling to Iceland in the weeks leading up to my trip, I had trouble finding ideas for what to pack in September...there are summer and winter packing lists galore, but nothing geared towards transitional months. Ladies and gents (mostly ladies), I am here to help!

The weather in Iceland can be tricky (to say the least), but it is totally possible to stay warm and dry without lugging your entire closet. For the first time in my life, I DIDN'T OVERPACK! (Cue applause from the studio audience). We didn't check baggage, so I had to somehow fit all of my clothes into a teeny-tiny suitcase. Not only did I not overpack, but I actually wore everything that I brought with me. This truly never happens.

Take a look below at what to pack for 7 days in Iceland. Yes, a lot of these things can be found at Sporting Life...what can I say, it's the ideal outdoor store! This packing list is geared towards a trip around the Ring Road- not too much citywear, meant for time spent outside!

Rain Jacket- This one is a true must-have. Iceland is super rainy and the weather is very unpredictable. Sometimes it would rain for a few minutes, other times it was all day long. In the words of Scar: BE PREPARED!

Down Jacket- I am so happy I brought this jacket with me! I often wore this jacket on its own, or under my rain jacket for some added warmth. My jacket is a liner from my snowboard jacket, but TNF makes awesome standalone pieces. Say jacket one more time. Jacket.

Fleece- I want to buy 100 Patagonia fleeces after this trip! It was a fun way to add some colour to my otherwise dark outerwear.

Leggings- I brought one cropped pair and one long pair. This was stupid. I wore my long leggings every day! You could absolutely get by on one pair (as I did), but having a backup would have been nice.

Jeans- Nothing feels better than putting on normal clothes after driving & hiking all day. Jeans were a must for citywear!

Sweater- Same reason as was nice to have a cozy sweater to throw on for dinner. I also brought a lightweight chambray shirt for an additional option.

Technical Tops- This is where you can get creative. I brought 3 long-sleeved tops, 3 t-shirts and 3 tank tops. This was perfect for me, as I ended up wearing everything! Layering is your best friend in Iceland. I love baselayers from Icebreaker, Nike Dri-Fit, and Lululemon...I also wore my Kit and Ace top on the plane and wore it again on the trip. Technical fabrics are the best thing to pack. You probably won't be sweaty all day, but I managed to get pretty hot on a few of our was awesome having the right clothing to keep me from getting damp and cold!

Wool Socks- My feet never got cold thanks to my trusty wool socks! Don't skimp out on this one: saving some suitcase space isn't worth chilly toes.

Bathing Suit- Hot springs are a big thing in Iceland. Between the Blue Lagoon and various other naturebaths, I fell in love! Be sure to bring a bathing suit so you can get some R&R (and some pics for Instagram like the one above!)

Hiking Shoes- You could probably get by with running shoes (depending on your itinerary), but I suggest picking up a pair of waterproof hiking shoes. I loved this Gore-Tex pair from Merrell; my feet stayed dry & blister-free and they kept me safe on and off the trails.

Flip Flops- For the Blue Lagoon...wet floors in public changerooms gross me out!!

Casual Shoes- Hiking shoes and flip flops aren't exactly chic. I brought a pair of Toms to wear in the city, and they did the trick! My feet did get a bit wet on rainy nights, which sucked. The plus side is how lightweight and packable they are...I would bring them again based on that fact alone!

Day Pack- The airline we travelled with only allowed a small personal item. I wanted to bring a day pack for our trips away from the car, so I picked up this Fjallraven Kanken Mini backpack. I LOVED it! It was small enough to keep me from overpacking, but big enough to fit my water bottle, jacket and other necessities.

Gloves & Hat- Guys, Iceland is cold. Duh. A scarf would be a good idea as well, but I survived without one.

Honourable mention goes to my LifeProof phone case...that thing was the real hero on this trip.

Have you ever been to Iceland? What were your must-haves?

Wildthing Vintage


If you knew me in high school, then you are well aware of my love for the musical We Will Rock You. I saw the show once or twice (lol) and as much as it pains me to say it now, I was a superfan. Luckily, the cast was super cool and nice to weirdo teens like me who just wanted to be a part of this awesome Canadian production.

Almost 10 years have passed since I first saw WWRY, and both myself and the cast have grown up and moved on to other projects (and obsessions, duh). I've been lucky enough to stay in touch with a few of these amazing people and continue to use what little superfan juice I have left in me to support their endeavours.

Erica Peck is one of those people, and in the 7 years since the show closed, she has done some pretty kickass things. Fresh off her run in the Toronto production of Kinky Boots, Erica has turned her attention to her second love: vintage clothing.

Erica runs an Etsy shop called Wildthing Vintage, and sells everything from quirky, sparkly clothes to stunning vintage pieces. I've been meaning to shine a spotlight on Wildthing for a while now, and the perfect opportunity recently presented itself. Erica and three fellow vintage shop owners have come together to form The Ossington Vintage Collective. Until September 5th, these four ladies have set up shop at 12 Ossington Ave. to share their vintage finds with the public.

I made the trek to check out the shop, and it is AWESOME. If I wasn't bled dry of cash from my upcoming trip, I could have done some damage there. From vintage denim to big chunky knits to SEQUINS UPON SEQUINS, there is something for everyone at the shop. I've included a few snaps from my visit, but I definitely recommend stopping by if you're in Toronto; there are endless treasures to uncover!

Enough of me intro-ing, onto the interview. Big thanks to Erica for taking the time to meet with me and talk Wildthing! Erica is one of the sweetest and most stylish people I know; there's no question why she is successful. It is a pleasure to feature her on my blog! 

Be sure to check out Wildthing Vintage and follow Erica on Instagram, and don't forget to check out The Ossington Vintage Collective this weekend.

Meet Erica.

Name: Erica Peck
Age: Twilight years of my 20s!
Job(s): Performer, voice over actress, stylist and vintage proprietress.
Favourite item in your wardrobe: There's a Diane Von Furstenberg dress that is like magic. No matter what I put it on for, I feel like I can take over the world. It's got a houndstooth pattern, long cuffed sleeves, and a deep V that is just a liiiiiiittttttle slutty ;)
3 words to define your personal style: Retro punk hippie.
Favourite kind of dog: (here at The Clydescope, we [me] are very into dogs): I'm going to have to go with toothless chihuahuas, as I have one and he'd be pretty grumpy (okay, grumpier than usual) if I didn't give him a shoutout!


When did your love for vintage treasures begin? What made you want to start sharing your finds?
I've always loved wearing something just a little different, and I went to an arts high school, so they really encouraged expression of any kind. Vintage selling, however, came later when I was working full time in theatre. I'd show my friends in the cast my new finds, and they would offer to buy it off of me. I realized that I could buy things that weren't necessarily my size or style, but I could find someone who would really appreciate them. Just like that, I was off and running.

When you’re working on a show and running Wildthing, what does a typical day look like for you?
I wake up, head to Bang fitness, and usually head straight home to edit, measure and list new items for my etsy shop. I work in an Insta post, then ship sold items off to their new homes. After that, I might arrange a shoot, prep for actor-things like performances or auditions, and get ready for the night's show.

Aside from having actor-friends that can model for you, has being a performer affected your approach to business? Do you think that being an actor has made you a better entrepreneur?
Well, being an actor requires a lot of motivation and drive. It's up to you to always have your ear to the ground and eye out for new opportunities. That definitely helps with motivation. Also, being an actor, I get put into a LOT of clothing; some of it good and some of it, well, not so good. It's really taught me to appreciate cut and fit. More than anything though, I already followed my dreams, took the leap (insert motivational saying here) and so the risk is a lot less scary when you already walk the road less travelled.


Tell me a bit more about the Ossington Vintage Collective.
A few of my friends (GLT, Little Teacup Vintage, and The Wanderly) and I decided that after selling online for so long, we wanted an opportunity to get the word out locally and see what the response would be. We've had an absolute blast and we are already hoping to host another one soon!

Do you prefer Etsy or selling out of markets & pop-ups? Any plans to go brick and mortar?
I'd love to have a brick and mortar, but for now it just isn't realistic, since acting is still my first focus and passion. One day though, I'd love to be a colourful lady with an equally colourful shop! As for Etsy, people don't realize how much work actually has to go into sourcing, photography, measuring, storage and shipping. Storefronts are DEFINITELY easier.


For as long as I’ve known you, you’ve had insanely cool style (you should really have a fashion blog). Where do you find style inspiration?
Haha I would LOVE to have a fashion blog, but technology is hard. It is a future project though! I always say I have the eye of a drag queen, I always pick the loudest, brightest prints. I think you should just never feel apologetic or apathetic about what you are wearing.

Favourite piece you’ve come across in your vintage hunting?
I recently- finally- found a Chanel blazer. I felt like Marge in that classic episode of the Simpsons.


Any advice for first-time thrifters?
Don't be overwhelmed. Take your time, and be open to anything that catches your eye.

What do you see for the future of Wildthing? And what’s next for you?
I'd love to have a blog! That really is the next big goal. I'll also have a big booth at both the the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show and the Wychwood Barns Vintage Clothing Sale. Come say hello!

 Check out some of my favourite Wildthing Vintage finds!